The latest advancements in MR with the sophisticated engineering of a 3.0T wide bore system. The 3T-MRI scanner offers a whole new level of precision imaging with revolutionary coil technology and hyper-acceleration techniques. The intelligent design incorporates machine learning methodologies and cloud-based analytics targeted to reduce scan times, exam time variability, and improve image consistency. Compatible with industry-first AIR Technology coils, both patients and users can now experience a new kind of freedom in coil positioning and ultra-lightweight comfort.

The Pioneer uses a lightweight coil that conforms to the patient, providing superior comfort. There is a comfort tilt on the head pillow, which is much needed for kyphotic patients.

What To Expect: MRI

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The machine's Wide Bore system allows the machine to perform high-quality images and using feet first imaging, allows patients to feel less claustrophobic. Additionally, the Pioneer’s table is more accommodating for larger patients, up to 500 lbs.

The MRI’s capabilities will allow:

    • Minimum patient-wait times
    • Same-day appointments and same-day results
    • The ability to speak and review your results with radiologists on-site


MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a technique used to get detailed images of the organs and tissues within your body. It is a non-invasive, needle-free, safe procedure that uses magnetic fields or radio frequencies to generate anatomical images required for your diagnosis.

How It Works

Most MRI machines are large, cylindrical magnets. You are asked to lie down on a motorized bed and once comfortable, the bed slides inside the cylindrical structure, which is open at both ends. A computer, operated by a technologist, is used to manage the scanning procedure which is located in an adjacent room to keep it away from the magnetic field generated by the scanner. The technologist can see and converse with you from the other room. An MRI usually can take 10-30 minutes, depending upon specific requirements. You are allowed to have a family member or a friend with you during the exam.

During The Test

Once you are inside the MRI machine, you may be asked to hold your breath depending on the type of scan begins, if you aren’t comfortable, you may be given headphones to block the noise.


Regardless of the type of scan a patient may receive, it is very important that the patient avoids clothing with any metal zippers, underwire bras, metal clasps, or jewelry.  Also, please notify the ordering physician if there is any chance that you may be pregnant.

For Patients Receiving An IV Contrast:

IV contrast requires a simple kidney function blood test that we can run in office in under 5 minutes. No other preparation is required.

Implants And MRI:

It is very important to notify your MD and technologist of any implants within your body before entering the MRI machine. Certain implants can not enter the MRI environment and can cause serious harm to the patient.

NY Imaging Specialists 

At NY Imaging Specialists, you will:

    • Be seen by the most experienced MRI technologists around
    • Have access to your own patient portal 
    • Receive a CD of your records, from the facility, or sent to your home or physician.


Our mission at NY Imaging Specialists is to provide the highest-quality advanced imaging in a patient-centered and compassionate environment, with the comfort and convenience of being close to home.

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