New Year, New Me?

The new year can be a stressful time for anyone and making resolutions can only add to this stress. This is why you should stop making new year's resolutions and focus on small daily goals.

For so many people a new year means a fresh start, and with that comes setting resolutions for the new year. However, many people set resolutions that they can’t or won’t accomplish, which just leads to disappointment. This year try and prioritize setting goals instead of resolutions that you can accomplish in the next year or even the next week. Goals are more beneficial than resolutions because they are more specific and action oriented which makes goals easier to achieve with a game plan. 

The best way to start setting goals that you can achieve, and make yourself proud, is to be as specific as possible. If you have a certain big goal in mind it is best to break it down into smaller goals and make yourself a specific guide on how you will achieve each small goal to eventually accomplish your big goal. When your goals are broken down they become more manageable which makes you more motivated and also helps you prioritize your goals long term. 

Planning your time with goals is important as well. Goals are not resolutions for a reason. Look at goals through a weekly or monthly basis to insure your focus and persistence. It is also important to not overload yourself with different goals. Focus on one at a time to maintain your focus and achieve your goals.

When you are making your goals for the new year, so are many other people. It is important to not compare yourself to those around you. When you spend time comparing yourself to others you are taking time away from your own goals and self improvement. Your goals and your perception are what matter when you are working towards something that is important to you. 

Most importantly it is okay to fail. Failure will not only make you stronger but it is also a necessary part of achieving your goals. No one ever made waves without taking a few stumbles on the way there. This new year focus on yourself and small goals that will help you get to where you want to be. 


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