Your Guide to Winter Skincare

As winter casts its temperature drops and dry air upon us, our skin often faces dehydration and craves extra moisture. The chilly season calls for some extra love and care for our skin to keep it radiant and glowing all winter long. While January 8 marks National Winter Skincare Relief Day, it’s pivotal to honor and take care of your skin every day, especially during the winter season. Your winter skincare routine should be a daily ritual and act of self-love for your body’s largest organ. Protect and nourish your skin with these tips for navigating winter skincare woes. 

Hydrate to Rejuvenate

Hydration is key and an important element for rejuvenating winter skin. The general guideline for daily water consumption is about 8 cups per day, but everyone’s body is unique, so listen to what your body needs. Try starting your day with a big glass of filtered water with lemon to help alkalize your system and jumpstart your digestion. Also, incorporate hydrating fruits and veggies like winter citrus, cucumbers, and leafy greens to keep your body hydrated and feeling refreshed. ‘Tis the season to soak up a weekly, or more frequent, bath ritual for an extra dose of hydrotherapy.

Switch to a Calming Cleanser

Avoid harsh cleansers that can strip away essential oils and cause dryness, and opt for an oil or cream cleanser to aid in hydrating your skin. The focus should be on adding moisture into the skin, rather than taking it out.

Rotate to Richer and Creamier Textures

Winter skincare is similar to how you dress for the winter. It’s important to layer up! Just like adding layers like sweaters and jackets, and warmer fabrics like cashmere and wool, you’ll want to layer your skincare, and opt for heavier and creamier moisturizers, serums, and balms for added hydration and extra help with protecting the skin’s barrier. Your routine should look something like: cleanse, tone, double moisturize (serum and moisturizer), and SPF. 

SPF Every Season 

While winter encompasses the shortest days of the year and your skin experiences less daylight and sunshine, the UV rays are still potent. It’s important to incorporate SPF in your winter skincare routine and make it a daily skincare staple all year long. Opt for a broad spectrum SPF 15 or higher for daily use and SPF 30 or higher if you’ll be spending time outside to help protect your skin from damaging UV rays and skin cancer. A hat is also your best friend for additional sunshine shielding. 

Gentle Exfoliation 

Exfoliation is key for removing dead skin cells that accumulate and deeply cleanse the pores, but don’t overdo it. The winter season is a time for mild exfoliation once a week for an instant glow up and to reveal refreshed skin. 

Hydrating Hand Care

The drop in humidity in the air and extra handwashing to combat germs can make the skin on your hands especially prone to dryness during the winter months. Incorporate a daily hand cream to alleviate any dryness or potential cracking. 

Nourish Your Lips 

Your lips are also susceptible to dryness in the winter, as the skin on your lips is thin and can lose moisture easily. Be sure to use a daily lip balm to nourish and hydrate your lips. Look for a lip balm with SPF 15 or higher for extra protection.


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