Our Equipment

At NY Imaging Specialists, we offer patients state-of-the-art imaging services that help deliver fast, accurate results. See a list of our services below:

CT Scan

Computer tomography scan or more popularly known as CT scans are a non-invasive diagnostic imaging procedure utilizing a combination of computer and X-ray technology to generate accurate and detailed images of body structures including organs, blood vessels, tissues, and bones. 


- A scan is an imaging test that measures bone density (strength). DEXA scan results can provide helpful details about your risk for osteoporosis (bone loss) and fractures (bone breaks).

Interventional Radiology & Oncology

- Interventional radiology is a cutting-edge field of medicine that uses minimally invasive approaches to treat many conditions which otherwise would require more invasive surgery. Interventional Radiologists perform these minimally invasive procedures using image guidance (X-ray, CT, ultrasound, and MRI).


- MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a technique used to get detailed images of the organs and tissues within your body. It is a non-invasive, needle-free, safe procedure that uses magnetic fields or radio frequencies to generate anatomical images required for your diagnosis.


-  PET/CT scan is a type of procedure that makes use of images from two technologies in determining the exact location of an abnormality in the body and consequently, detecting diseases such as cancer and other abnormalities. Positron emission tomography (PET) uses controlled amounts of a radioactive substance, called a radiotracer, in measuring cell activity in an organ or tissue

Radionuclide Therapies

-  Radionuclide therapies utilize radiopharmaceutical drugs that target specific types of tumors. Releasing energy, these drugs can bring radiation to tumors in targeted doses and therefore sparing normal and healthy tissues.

Transthoracic Echocardiogram (TTE)

-  A TTE is a noninvasive ultrasound – using high-frequency soundwaves to create moving images of your heart through the chest wall. There is NO radiation when getting a TTE. A TTE gives your doctor a good view of your overall heart health.


-  Ultrasound is one of the most popular medical imaging technologies. Utilizing sound waves, Ultrasounds can produce images of internal organs and other soft-tissue structures – including blood vessels and muscles. The high-frequency sound waves are imperceptible to the human ears and painless.


Our mission at NY Imaging Specialists is to provide the highest-quality advanced imaging in a patient-centered and compassionate environment, with the comfort and convenience of being close to home.

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