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Ultrasound Exams Performed


Neck: Thyroid and Parathyroid


Ultrasound of the thyroid and parathyroid is part of the physical examination for patients who are suspected to have endocrine diseases. It is an integral step in the radiologic evaluation of neck pathology.




This type of ultrasound is performed to detect buildup of plaque in the carotid arteries located in the neck. It can help determine if plaque buildup is narrowing the carotid arteries that can block flow of blood to the brain which can potentially lead to stroke.


General Abdominal: Complete or Limited


Abdominal ultrasound is performed to diagnose pain or enlargement of the liver,
kidneys, bile ducts, spleen, pancreas, and abdominal aorta.




Pelvic ultrasound helps in assessing the conditions of various organs and structures inside the pelvis including the vagina, cervix, fallopian tubes and the ovaries. It is used to diagnose numerous conditions and diseases such as tumors, masses and cysts within the pelvis, postmenopausal bleeding, pelvic inflammatory disease, among others.




Bladder ultrasound is performed to diagnose conditions such as enlarged prostate, bladder dysfunction, and urethral stricture. It can also give information about the bladder wall, prostate size, and the presence of tumors in the bladder.




Renal ultrasound can reveal the position and size of the kidneys. It can also determine if there are tumors, stones, or blockages in that part of the body.




Prostate ultrasound examines the prostate for potential presence of cancer or any abnormality.




This type of ultrasound is used in evaluating testicle disorders. It can also help in  evaluating cause of infertility and testicular pain or swelling.


Soft Tissue Extremity


Soft tissue extremity ultrasound is used to diagnose or assess infections of soft tissues as well as presence cysts and lymph nodes.


Venous Doppler


Venous doppler ultrasound measures blood flow through the veins and arteries that supply blood to the arms and legs. It can be used in diagnosing numerous conditions such as blood clots.


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